Melissa J. Wagner – Graduate Research Assistant

M.S. Geography (Physical Geography), University of Oklahoma – Estimated Graduation: Fall 2017

B.S. Meteorology, Minor Mathematics – With Distinction, University of Oklahoma 2015


My name is Melissa Wagner and I am a graduate student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability at the University of Oklahoma. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but I have lived in the great state of Oklahoma since 2003. I obtained my American citizenship in December 2014, and now carry dual citizenship with Canada and the United States. I completed my undergraduate degree in Meteorology with a minor in mathematics at the University of Oklahoma, and it was through that program that I developed a desire to study climate and climate change. That is how I found myself in the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability at OU studying Physical Geography under my advisor Dr. Renee McPherson, the University Co-Director of the South Central Climate Science Center located on the research campus of our university. My goal is to one day work in the field of climate policy, but I am hoping for a job in applied climatology once I have completed my Masters degree in fall 2017.

Melissa Wagner CV